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Core Group
Mr. Radhakrishnan K
Accounts Officer

Mr. K. Radhakrishnan is a retired Gazetted Central Government official from Office of the CAG of India. He joined AMTDC in May 2016 as an Accounts Officer taking care of accounts, administration and finance matters of AMTDC.

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Mr. Damodharan B
Admin Consultant

Mr. B Damodharan, B.L, worked as a Superindent in IITM, Chennai till 2014 and worked and retired in 2016 as a Asst. Registrar in finance and accounts department. He was then appointed as a project advisor in ICSR, IITM, Chennai and currently working as a consultant in AMTDC, IITMRP, Chennai from Sep, 2018.

Mr. R. Srikanth
Principal Research Engineer

Mr. R. Srikanth joined IIT-Madras in 2010 and has been working in the field of Machine tools on various projects. He has submitted his thesis on "Abrasive water-jet machining" and is awaiting his Ph.D. He is an expert in machine tools and has an in-depth knowledge on industrial manufacturing.

Mr. R. Vairamuthu
Principal Research Engineer

Mr R Vairamuthu joined AMTDC as Senior Research Engineer in 2019. He works in the area of machine tools and automation.

Mr. Vineet Paliwal
Senior Research Engineer

Mr. Vineet Paliwal completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and then joined Dual degree (MS+PhD) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in IIT Madras. His main focus areas are Machine tool dynamics, Vibrational analysis of machine tools, Signal processing and Laser material interaction.

Mr. Karthikeyan S
Senior Accountant

Mr. S Karthikeyan received his M.B.A from university of Madras in 2014. He worked as a project assistant in ICSR, IITM, Chennai till 2015 and as a Senior executive in T&M Consulting Services Pvt Ltd., Mumbai till Jan, 2017. He joined AMTDC in Feb 2017 as a Senior Accountant taking care of accounts and finance.

Mr. Harish S
Assistant Engineer

Mr. Harish S has a vast experience in operation and maintenance of various types of machine tools. He has worked in various Industries from prior to joining AMTDC in 2018.

Mr. Suthakar M
Senior Technician

Mr. Suthakar M has a vast experience in operation and maintenance of various types of machine tools. He has worked in various Industries from 2011 and in IIT-Madras prior to joining AMTDC in 2017.

Mr. Omkar Banne
Research Engineer

Mr. Omkar completed M.Tech from College of Engineering Pune (COEP) in July 2018 and joined AMTDC thereafter. Currently he is working on Automation of Grinding Process Intelligence. His interests are machine tools, data analytics and additive manufacturing.

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Mr. Pranav Admuthe
Research Engineer

Pranav completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). Before joining AMTDC he worked as an Intern in gear manufacturing company.

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Mr. Sasidaran S
Graduate Research Engineer

Sasidaran completed his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from St. Joseph's College of Engineering and joined AMTDC right after. He is currently working on Automation and robotics project.